Why Is Hostbillo a Perfect Host For VPS Hosting in Netherlands

Why Is Hostbillo a Perfect Host For VPS Hosting in Netherlands?


There are many providers that offer reliable and affordable web hosting services in Netherlands, one of them is Hostbilllo. Hostbillo is a well-renowned and influential web hosting company that offers cost-effective VPS hosting services with a wide range of pricing.

When you buy any hosting service for your online business, you should look for the host and how many resources they are providing, what services they provide, uptime, customer services, and everything that you will gonna need. These are the most primary factors that you should know before buying VPS Hosting plans from a well-known host in Netherlands.

Therefore, in this guide, you will know about Hostbillo, its virtual private server plans, about pricings, and some benefits that it provides with its hosting services in Netherlands. So, let’s start the article.

Hostbillo- A Reliable VPS Server Provider in Netherlands

With very well experience in the web hosting industry, Hostbillo provides hyper-scale and high-grade hosting services. Their agenda is to deliver high-quality as well as seamless hosting facilities at a highly competitive price. After thorough research in the web hosting industry, the company determined to fill the gaps that are been excluded by many hosts.

That’s why Hostbillo promises to provide the fasted server network, speed, reliability, and robust data security measures on a single platform. So, when you buy Hostbillo’s VPS Hosting in Netherlands, you will get all these crucial features with the package at a very affordable price. These features let your business site has the greatest performance that it can ever have.

Hostbillo’s Cheap VPS Netherlands Plans and Pricing

One of the main reasons that can well explain why Hostbillo is a perfect host to deliver VPS in Netherlands is that it delivers very affordable hosting services. The host offers the plans in two types- one is monthly and another is Annual. With both of these types, you will get a wide range of hosting plans that are divided into 4 categories- BilloV1, BilloV2, BilloV3, and BilloV4.

All these plans offer necessary hosting features with a significant amount of resources. Also with two operating system choices- Linux and Windows, you can choose whichever OS you want to operate your site. So, whether you want to operate a blog website or a high-performing app, Hostbillo’s cheap VPS Hosting plans are the perfect choices for your online businesses in Netherlands.

Hostbillo’s Cheap VPS Netherlands Plans and Pricing

What Resources You Will Get With Hostbillo’s VPS in Netherlands?

Unbeatable Security

At Hostbillo, you get high-grade security features that protect your site data to the maximum. Your site will be protected from DDoS attacks as the host provide secure channels and a number of robust security features with its Cheap VPS Hosting Services in Netherlands. Also, to provide a secure transaction facility, you will get a Free SSL certificate facility that encrypts the sensitive information that has been shared with the server. So, to have a secure and malware-protected site, you can have Netherlands VPS from Hostbillo.

SSD VPS Hosting

If you own a website that holds high data on the server and wants more space to load then hosting services like VPS can offer maximum disk space storage. Generally, disk space comes in two types- SSD and HDD. Both of these disk spaces are being used by many websites but nowadays people are more relying on SSDs. This disk type works on a flash system to gather the data and store it on the server quickly. However, HDD does not work on this agenda and takes much time to collect the information.

And, Hostbillo understands how much precious is your time that’s why it delivers SSD VPS Hosting Services in Netherlands. So that you can collect all the important information fastly.

SSH Root Control

SSH is also known as Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell. It gives users a secure way to access the server over an unsecured network. A system administrator has full control to make changes all over the web space that is assigned to him. By having this access, you are enabled to run many applications on the operating system that you chose with the virtual private server hosting plan.

So, to make your website a more attractive and easy working platform for your developers, Hostbillo provides SSH root control with its Cheap VPS Hosting Plans in Netherlands. You can customize the server settings and configure the server resources as per your needs.

KVM Virtualization

KVM means Kernal Based Virtual Machine which is an open-source virtualization module. It is directly built into the Linux kernel, enabling the operating system to function as a Type 1 hypervisor. However, KVM can function as either Type 1 or Type 2 hypervisor, so the distinction between the two can be blurred. Additionally, it enables the hypervisor to deploy multiple virtual machines simultaneously.

So, if you choose Linux OS with Hostbillo’s VPS Hosting Plans in Netherlands then you get a KVM virtualization facility that enables you to deploy multiple VMs(virtual machines).

KVM Advantages

  1. KVM modules come build-in with most Linux distributions.
  2. Being part of the world’s largest open-source community, KVM is an open-source platform that is very free to use and regularly update.
  3. With suitable hardware, KVM is a very stable and high-performing channel.
  4. It has great command line options with a fantastic GUI interface.

So, along with all of these above-written hosting resources, you get high bandwidth, maximum RAM capacity, and 1 Gbps shared port with Hostbillo’s VPS Netherlands packages. Also as you have the choice to choose which operating system will be suitable for your site, the below-written distributions are available with these OS.

Linux VPS Hosting

  1. CentOs
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Debian

Windows VPS Hosting

  1. Windows 2012
  2. Windows 2016
  3. Windows 2019

Examples of Successful Use Cases for VPS Server Hosting in Netherlands

  1. Host Multiple Websites– Without compromising network uptime and optimal performance, you can host multiple websites on Hostbillo’s VPS Hosting Server in Netherlands.
  2. Run eCommerce Business– One of the prominent use of VPS hosting is to run an eCommerce website. Since this hosting type provides reliable and flexible server resources that help you get the best performance. So, if you are an eCommerce website owner in Netherlands, then Hostbillo’s virtual private server plans are perfect.
  3. Set Up VPN– At hostbillo, you get the flexibility to use your VPS web server to function as a VPN.
  4. WordPress– If you have a WordPress website then you acquire the best server control and flexibility with VPS Plans in Netherlands from the company.

What Do Hostbillo’s Clients Say About their VPS Hosting Plans?

As per our research on Hostbillo’s VPS Server Hosting Plans, the company has a strong customer base and the clients have shared some of the best reviews about its services. On great hosting review platforms like HostAdvice and Trustpilot, the customers have shared their experiences with the host. Take a closer look at what their customer say about their hosting services(Source: Trustpilot).

What Do Hostbillo’s Clients Say About their VPS Hosting Plans in Netherlands?


All the information that you read till now is all researched and analyzed by experts. So, if you want a host that is reliable and offers affordable VPS Hosting Services in Netherlands then buy Hostbillo’s plans. The host is perfect in all terms as they provide 24*7 customer service with a 99.90% network uptime guarantee wit Also, you get an assurance of 7 days of a credit back while buying the plans. This enables you to change the plan in case your mind changes. Also, you get a backup facility as an add-on service with Hostbillo’s VPS Netherlands plans.

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