How Order Management Software Automates Field Sales Operations

How Order Management Software Automates Field Sales Operations

Taking orders, getting them approved and delivering them are the three primary stages of the order management process. Sales order management software automates this tedious order fulfilment journey. 

Can you imagine the amount of time, energy and manual labour one sales order would demand if pulled off manually? This demand only doubles if the purchase order is from a faraway land. In such a case the added efforts of coordination can not be neglected. 

What is Sales Order Management Software?

It’s crucial to understand the meaning of sales order management before understanding the software’s functioning. 

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The monitoring of sales orders right from the moment they are received to successfully delivered is called sales order management. However, in between, there are various steps such as product/service validation, order approval, product list management, inventory management, order tracking and proof of delivery. 

This may seem like a simple process, which is in the case of regular brick-and-mortar stores but imagine an international brand that takes and delivers orders across the globe. 

Some solid food for thought, right?

Benefits of Order Management Software 

One of the benefits of sales management software is faster order processing and automated workflow. This saves so much labour that goes into manual order tracking which eventually reflects in the improved bottom line of the business. 

Let’s discuss the advantages of the sales order management app in detail!

  1. Real-time Monitoring

Track the real-time status of the order on the order tracking app at any time from anywhere. The best part about the two-faced sales order tracking app is that field sales executives can track his/her end of the quotas and the manager can monitor the overall sales operations. 

  1. Instant Order Approval

With automation comes speed and accuracy. Field sales executives know the real-time status of the stock, therefore creating the purchase order accordingly. Managers can approve the purchase orders remotely when a matter of a few minutes. 

  1. Inventory Management

If some products are going out of stock really fast, managers are notified about the same and they can instantly decide on requesting those products. Imagine the amount of loss a business will have to bear if its fast-moving product remains out of stock for a couple of days. Automation doesn’t let that happen at all! Real-time alerts and predictive analysis on the basis of historical data present the manager with the increasing demand for a certain product in particular seasons. 

  1. Automated Report 

Manual reports go out of option as soon as the companies move to order management systems. And we say, why not! They are accurate, quick and well-structured. Leave no aspect of the sales operations untouched with the automated report having your back. Sales order tracking solutions offer custom reports as well if you have an exclusive requirement. 

  1. Lesser Turnaround Time

Sales Order tracking systems optimise the way field sales operations for better efficiency and improved productivity. However, automation cuts the extra time wasted between the stages such as order taken and approved, approved and dispatched, dispatched and inventory tallied, dispatched and delivered. Also, how can we forget about the manual efforts put into reporting. Sales force management software takes care of all the aspects and reduces the turnaround for each order. 

  1. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

After garnering the above-mentioned benefits of a sales order management app, one thing is clear if not everything – that customers are satisfied with the services. As the order tracking software not only speeds up the order delivery but also negates the dependency of the customer and the consignor on the delivery partner as they can track everything.  API integrations make data transfer seamless between software solutions used by various parties involved. 

Is the order management system the best choice for managing field sales operations?

What do you think now that you have read the entire article on order-tracking software solutions? Of course it is! The growing demand for sales order monitoring platforms amongst small, medium, and large enterprises is the biggest evidence you can swear by. TrackoBit is catering to the sales order management optimisation needs of enterprises of all sizes and sectors. Talk to the experts in their team to know further.

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