How To Draw Butterfly Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds

How To Draw Butterfly Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds

Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds challenging to locate an insect that is as stunning as the butterfly. These magnificent creatures manage to astound with their brilliant hues and intricate patterns on their wings.

Butterfly Drawing Tutorial

They are a well-liked topic for artists to depict as a result. Easy Drawings For 7 Year Olds to draw a colourful butterfly can be difficult because it can be challenging to perfect.

It would be best if you read this guide all the way through because, fortunately, it is a complex challenge that we are here to assist with. We hope that using this step-by-step tutorial to create a vibrant butterfly will be enjoyable and beneficial for you.

Let’s Get Started with A Colorful Butterfly Drawing!


  • In this first stage of our tutorial on how to draw a vibrant butterfly, we’ll start with the focal point: the butterfly’s wings.
  • To add details to the wings later on in the guide, we will commence by drawing their outlines.
  • The wings are divided into four distinct sections, with the top two being significantly more significant than the rear two. The butterfly’s body is where they all connect, but that will be added afterwards.
  • We can move on to step 2 after you do your best to depict the wing shapes and positions to our reference image as nearly as you can.


  • Now, sketch out the first wing portion’s design details.
  • We’ve completed the wing outlines for this vibrant butterfly design, so it’s time to begin adding pattern details to the wing sections.
  • We’ll concentrate on the upper-left wing portion for the time being.
  • This pattern will begin with some curved lines extending from the interior border of the wing, and these lines will continue into some rounded square shapes.
  • You can use the reference image to help you design the squared shapes since their sizes will differ.
  • Once you are satisfied with the pattern’s appearance, we can proceed to step 3!


  • Sketch out the pattern for the next portion of the wings.
  • To the front right-hand portion of the wings, we will add the pattern details in this third stage of our tutorial on drawing a vibrant butterfly.
  • Try to make the next part of the pattern as close to a mirror picture of the other side of the butterfly’s wing as possible when drawing it.
  • You shouldn’t have any trouble getting the pattern to resemble the pattern on the opposite side as long as you copy it precisely as it appears in our example.
  • We can add more in the fourth stage after you have completed drawing this subsequent wing section.


  • After that, draft the outline of the back left side.
  • As we begin the fourth stage of your vibrant butterfly drawing, we will proceed to the next section of the wings.
  • The pattern will appear very much like the pattern on the other wings in terms of structure, but because of the wing section’s radically different shape, the pattern will be spaced differently.
  • The part of the wing connected to the butterfly’s vibrant body will have some curved lines that will eventually take the form of an additional small, rounded, square and round shape.
  • Before this picture is finished, there are only a few minor details and components to add; when you’re ready, we’ll take care of those in the following step.


  • Complete your vibrant butterfly sketch by adding the last few details.
  • In the final stage of this tutorial on drawing a colourful butterfly, we’ll finish the finishing touches before you add some lovely colours to your creation.
  • The last portion of the wings will receive the pattern details first.
  • To accomplish this, try your best to mirror the pattern as it shows on the butterfly’s section on the opposite end.
  • The butterfly’s midsection will then be added to complete the design. Between the wing parts, there will be a solid, thin black shape with a tiny black circle on the left side of it.
  • Then it’s time for some colouring fun with this head’s curled feelers protruding from it.


  • Add colour to complete your vibrant butterfly painting.
  • The last stage in creating your colourful butterfly drawing is adding some gorgeous colours, so use your imagination to the fullest!
  • You can see some of the hues you could use to complete this image in our reference image. Bright colours help the image stand out from the page, so we tried to make them as vibrant as possible.
  • You should use any preferred colours and art materials to bring this butterfly to colourful life since this image expresses your creativity.

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