GEM Registration In Details

GEM Registration

The Government E-Marketplace (GEM) is an online site that facilitates the acquisition of products and services required by various government agencies, organisations, and public sector entities in India. GEM was implemented to boost openness in government purchases, speed up the procurement process, and improve competency.

Products and Services sold on GEM:

1. Photocopiers, Printers, Pass Books, Smart Cards, Bar Code Scanners, Scanners, Cartridges, Computers, Desktop, Laptops, Tablets, Computer Accessories such as Mice, Keyboards, External Hard Disk Drives, RAM, Pen Drives, and Power Banks are examples of office equipment.

2.Paper: A4 (210 mm X 297 mm), Note Sheets, Note Books, Air Conditioner, Multi-Media Projectors, UPS (Line Interactive and on-line), Packaged drinking water.

Seller’s Registration:

Any vendor that manufactures or sells genuine goods or provides services may register as a seller on the Government E-Marketplace. List of papers necessary for vendors to register on the Government E-Marketplace:

  • PAN CARD, Udyog Aadhar, or Business or LLP Registration
  • Registration for GST
  • Bank account and accompanying papers for KYC
  • Identification and address verification
  • Copy of cancelled cheque

Procedure for GEM Registration:

To sell on the GEM, you must first register as a manufacturer, trader, or service provider. The GEM registration process is easy, and the seller is given a GEM user ID and password to access the account. The seller/service provider can use this GEM account to list the items and services they provide, as well as their prices.

Advantages of Selling on GEM:

Via GEM, any SME or start-up in India may sell to the Government of India, which is the country’s largest consumer of products and services. This was due to the time-consuming procedures and payment delays. The GEM has upended that system by introducing a new, clean, and efficient method for government purchasing. As a result, more vendors can register on the GEM and become customers of the government.

The following are some other benefits of being a seller on the GEM:

  • Direct access to all government agencies.
  • A one-stop marketing shop with minimal marketing effort.
  • All government tenders would be collected in one location, eliminating the need to monitor separate ministries’ tenders. After you have registered as a vendor, the relevant departments will approach you.
  • There is no need to register your product or model.
  • Goods accepted on the basis of the supplier’s guarantee/warranty and typically exempt from routine consignment check testing and evaluation processes.
  • The merchant is not required to tailor his products or services to specific requirements. You can promote your product with all of the attributes you choose. Refresh and enhance items as soon as possible and as many times as necessary.
  • Dynamic pricing is there which means the price can be changed based on market conditions and there has to be no fixed price for the whole year. There is no need to worry about fluctuating raw material prices or exchange rate variations.
  • The seller does not have to keep on doing model up-gradation or changes. Once the latest products are listed one just has to market them based on descriptions and competitive prices.
  • Get complete information of all Govt. requirements through Annual Procurement Plans.
  • There is a guarantee of timely payments.
  • Uniform and consistent purchase procedures and terms and conditions of the contract


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