9 Best Maps In Escape From Tarkov, Ranked

You can explore many different maps in Escape From Tarkov, all of which are full of enemies, bosses, and loot. Which ones are the best?

In the game Escape From Tarkov, there is an interesting mix of PVP and PVE. When you add in the different settings and the big focus on realism, you get a game that is different from most others.

Tarkov is made up of many different kinds of places, from vast forests to busy industrial parks. Not to mention that there are scavs, cultists, and different paramilitary fighters on each of these maps. No matter what map you want to land on, you’re almost certain to get into a fight. There are many different kinds of maps in Tarkov, and some of them are better than others. Here are the rankings for all of Escape From Tarkov’s maps.


Customs is one of the first maps in the game. It is a medium-sized map with both outdoor areas that are good for snipers and indoor areas, like the dorms, where close-quarters battles often happen.

This map has a fair amount of variety, but not as much as later maps. The cultists and different bosses you might find here are also interesting, but they don’t stand out as much as later additions. It can also be one of the areas with the most players for its size, which makes it harder for new players to get to.


The Labs map is the sixth map of Tarkov. It is a secret place that you can only get to with a keycard.

It’s a small map that only certain types of players and a limited number of players can enter. There aren’t many ways out either, and most of them require some work. Most of the loot on this map is of higher quality than on most other maps, and the fights are often very fierce. But as a game, it’s usually not as fun unless you’re here to do something specific.


Shoreline is one of the game’s bigger maps, and newer players often like it because there is a lot of open space and different places to check out. But if you want some good stuff, you probably won’t find it.

Some places with more loot and near exits can have a lot of fighting, especially if there are a lot of scavs around at the time. But if you really want to try sniping, this is another good option. Even so, some matches feel like a more stressful walking simulator. You can’t really tell what you’ll get from the map, and no part really stands out from the rest.


Reserve is a later part of the game that puts you near a shelter that would have been used if there had been a nuclear war in the area. That turned out great, as you can see. Reserve is a pretty good map to get to know because it has the Glukhar boss and a lot of places to find loot and keys.

There is less chance of getting shot or rushed by a boss early on. It is about the right size and has enough space inside for running ARs and shotguns. There are also some cool cliffs and outdoor areas if you want to move more quietly. All in all, it’s a pretty well-balanced map, unless you want a lot of stress or chaos.


The balance of this map is pretty fun. If you want to try out different ways to play, you should probably try out a new loadout on the Interchange map.

The shopping center is a good mix of different close-quarters areas all in one place. There are lots of places to sneak up on your enemies or take a stand and shoot anyone who comes close. You can find some good low- to mid-level loot here, like scav weapons, rations, and keys and keycards. It’s a pretty fun map all around.


If you want to see Tarkov from the point of view of a sniper, you might want to try Streets.

The open streets and alleys are in direct contrast to the tight spaces of nearby businesses, which could be hiding all kinds of bad people. You’ll run into a good variety of enemies here, and sometimes you’ll find good loot. It can be a lot of fun to do some damage with a group or even just one friend. In Solo, though, it can be pretty scary because you could get shot at any time.


Lighthouse is one of the maps that is both big and open. There’s the beach, a forest area, some industrial areas, and, of course, the lighthouse, which gives you a lot of places to try out different ways to play.

You might want to wait until you know the game well before jumping into this map, though, because there are a lot of different enemies and bosses here. Even more dangerous are the mines and snipers. Even though they’re spread out, there’s a good amount of loot and keys here.


If you want to use a shotgun or SMG, the Factory map is the only place to go. It’s scary and dark, and you’ll definitely run into some bad guys. Also, more than once, if you live long enough.

If you want to see how good you are with guns, there’s no better place than here to find out. It’s very stressful, so you should get as much insurance as you can before walking into the factory. The stress only gets worse when you run into one of the map’s two bosses, who run at you wildly waving either a sledgehammer or a cultist knife.


Woods is one of the most famous maps in 8 Ball Pool, and for good reason. This map has everything: bosses, loot, open space, and tight spots.

It’s one of the first maps in the game and might be one of the best maps for players of any level. Low-level players have a lot of ways to sneak around and hide, while high-level players know exactly where to go to run into a boss or get some good long-distance shots. If you want to know a lot about a map, you wouldn’t be wrong to think about Woods.

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