10 Best Centurions In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

These are some of the best Centurions cards for people who want to collect them or use them to build teams.

The Centurions event is the latest example of how EA Sports comes up with new ideas to keep their FUT mode interesting. Centurions cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team honor a player’s achievements, such as scoring 100 goals or making 100 appearances for a club or country. Many of the players in Centurions card packs have the best ratings ever given to a football player in the FIFA series. Because of this, some of these cards are going for more than 4 million coins on the transfer market.

When putting together a team in FIFA 23, some players just want to have all of the cards or a full team of Centurions. Most players, on the other hand, want cards that perform well on the field without using up all of their coins, no matter where they came from. If the only choice is the transfer market, it’s good to know that not all Centurions cost a lot of money. There are cards for goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards with ratings that can help players stand out in FIFA 23’s FUT mode, which is very competitive. The following Centurions cards not only honor a footballer’s best moments, but they can also help a FIFA 23 player beat the best Ultimate Team opponents in history.

Cristhian Stuani ST

Since he first played for Uruguay’s national team in 2012, Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani have often overshadowed Stuani. Still, Girona’s 36-year-old striker has had a long career with consistent results that should make FUT players who want more attacking depth look at him.

In FIFA 23, Stuani’s Centurions card has a shooting rating of 90, and he is even better at finishing set pieces, where he has a rating of 99. Stuani is known as a tough striker, and his 92 physical rating shows that he is one of the best FIFA Ultimate Team players at making opponents angry. The Uruguay striker’s card gives you a chance to get a great scorer without having to pay as much as you would for other Centurions.

Maximilian Arnold CDM

A defensive midfielder is often one of the most overlooked positions in FIFA FUT. However, he or she is the link between the defense and the offense, so they need to be able to do a lot of different things. Maximilian Arnold is a very experienced player who has only played for one team, Vfl Wolfsburg. He has played in 305 games for this team.

Arnold is a defensive midfielder, but he has a surprising strong offensive game, with 94 shot power and the ability to finish from a long distance. Arnold’s game has very few flaws, and he is also good at picking off passes and making accurate passes. Arnold’s FIFA 23 ratings are some of the most balanced of any player, and he can be the backbone of the best midfields in FUT.

Jordi Alba LB

Jordi Alba was once kicked off the team because he was too small, but now he is a key member of FC Barcelona’s defense and has 91 caps and 10 goals for the Spanish National Team. Alba is not the strongest defender, but he should appeal to FIFA FUT players who want a fast left back who can open up chances for the offense.

Jordi Alba’s speed and ability to pass come at a high price. On the transfer market, his Centurions card often sells for more than 130,000 coins. Still, he gives the other team a lot of trouble and is one of the best ultimate team defenders.

Jamie Vardy ST

Jamie Vardy has played for Leicester City for 10 years, and the fans love him so much there that it’s hard to imagine the 36-year-old striker playing for any other team. Vardy has been with Leicester City since before they were even in the EPL, and he has scored 154 goals in 355 games, which shows that he is in very good shape.

Jamie Vardy’s FIFA Fut Centurions card has 90 ratings for both shooting and speed, and he is a reliable striker who is great at counter-attacking. Vardy can easily start for any FUT team that wants a reliable striker and has around 75,000 coins to spend at auction.

Marco Verratti CM

Central midfielder Marco Verratti has been compared to legendary Italian midfielder Andrea Pirlo a lot, so he has had a lot to live up to. Verratti joined Paris Saint-Germain when he was about 20 years old. Since then, he has shown that he is one of the most creative players in the world.

The central midfielder isn’t known for scoring goals, but he’s worth a lot to FIFA 23 FUT teams with good strikers. Verratti has some of the best FIFA 23 ratings for dribbling and controlling the ball. Once he gets the ball, it’s hard to take it away from him, and he has the passing skills and vision to set up some amazing goals. Verratti’s creativity is worth a high price, and his Centurions card has sold for more than 700,000 coins at some auctions.

Wojciech Szczesny GK

If you’re brave enough to make an all-Centurions team in FIFA 23 FUT, you’ll need a goalkeeper who can block shots to help you win. Wojciech Szczesny has the best FIFA Ultimate Team rating for a Centurion goalkeeper, even though he was not always good at Arsenal earlier in his career.

Wojciech Szczesny went to AS Roma on loan in 2015, and with the help of their goalkeeper coach, he became consistent enough to be a sought-after goalkeeper before he moved to Juventus. The Polish goalkeeper is worth about 50,000 credits, so he won’t break the bank, but he is one of the best at his position in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic ST

Even though his skills had gotten a little worse, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was still scoring goals for AC Milan at age 40. In all of the years that FIFA Ultimate Team has been around, the Swedish striker has been worth a lot of money on the transfer market. His Centurions card is no different. It sells for almost 4 million coins, which is a lot.

Not only does Zlatan Ibrahimovic score a lot of goals from regular chances and penalty kicks, but his height and strength also make him one of the best Ultimate Team players at scoring with headers. Ibrahimovic’s Centurions card ratings for pace, shooting, and physicality are all 90 or higher.

Trent Alexander-Arnold RB

Trent Alexander-Arnold, who is 24 years old, is surrounded by other FIFA FUT Centurions who are mostly older than him. However, the English defender’s age has never stopped him from getting international attention. The right back has always played for Liverpool and was the youngest player to ever start in back-to-back Champions League finals.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has great speed and athleticism, and he can also defend well when attackers from the other team come close to his goal. Players in FIFA FUT love to attack with Alexander-Arnold because he is one of the best defenders at crosses in the ultimate team.

Mohamed Salah RW

FIFA FUT players who have wanted Mohamed Salah for a long time were thrilled to find out that this Centurions card was his best-rated card in Slope Game. Salah is one of the fastest forwards in the world. He can make chances and score goals with style.

Salah has the best overall score of all FIFA 23 Centurions, which is 93. When you look at Mohamed Salah’s card more closely, you can see that he has 90 or higher ratings for speed, shooting, and dribbling, and his passing is not far behind. His only weakness is that he isn’t very good at set pieces, but that hasn’t stopped his Centurions card from selling for 1.5 million coins.

Neymar Jr. CAM

Neymar Jr., a Brazilian forward and attacking midfielder, is only 31 years old, which is hard to believe given all he has already done. He was only a teenager when he played in Brazil’s top football league, but he showed fans skills that were way above his age.

Neymar Jr. has a Centurions card with a 91 rating that says he is an attacking midfielder. He is always popular among FIFA FUT players because he can play in a number of different attacking roles. Neymar Jr.’s FIFA 23 ratings for dribbling are only matched by his ice-cold attitude during penalty kicks. He moves around the field with ease.

FIFA 23 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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